Factors That Force To See A Gynae

We all want to spend a good life. The things that we want in our life is the best of food, job, salary, protected future, safety of education of kids etc. One thing that we ignore in running after the necessities and luxuries of life is the factor of health. We compromise on our health. It is the most negative thing that we do to our self. We must not compromise on the health. We think that we have time to take care of our self. This is the time to do something for us and for our family members. We work day and night. In between, we compromise on eating that we get without realising the fact that it is good for us or not.

We realise the fact after we start facing the health issues. The most common issues are blood pressure, bones pain and imbalance of hormones. We can deal with the any of the problem but if we delay the imbalance of hormones then it may trigger the issues and they may get worse. Therefore, we should never neglect the hormonal issues.

Now the question arises here is that how do we know if we are facing hormonal issues and we need to see a gynae. Following are the few factors that are clear sings of imbalance of hormones. Let us have a look at those factors.

  • Mood Swings:

One of the main issue that we face is mood swings when we have issue of hormones. We get cranky without any visible reasons. If we are going through it, then, we must think once about visiting a gynaecologist in port macquarie.

  • Painful Periods:

Painful periods or disturbance is menstrual cycle also indicates that we are going through some major hormonal issues. Not getting periods on time make body swell.

  • Low Sex Drive:

Low libido makes the sex life of couple worse. They do not like to get intimidate with each other. When they come closer, they do not feel the urge of being physical, which is not a healthy sign of a good relationship.

  • Insomnia:

Disturbance in sleeping patterns also refer to the hormonal imbalance. We want to sleep but unable to get the deep sleep.

  • No Apparent Reasons for Weight Gain:

Weight gain is a common issue in hormonal imbalance. When we gain weight or there is a water retention in the body then we must know that we have to visit a gynae.

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