What Does A Podiatrist Do


If you are having any problem with your feet and ankles you need to consult a podiatrist. He is a specialist who knows how to deal with your feet and legs. When someone has an injury they can also consult a podiatrist in Belconnen. People suffering from diabetes can book an appointment with this specialist and get a good treatment plan. You will be surprised to know that even know a podiatrist is a doctor he/she doesn’t go to medical school. They follow the rules of their association and treat people accordingly. If this isn’t enough they can perform surgery and treat broken bones. These doctors can prescribe medications and ask for lab tests and even an X-ray. The podiatrist will collaborate with other specialists and treat all the problems related to feet and ankles. They are licensed by the Government and treat various patients.

Which conditions are treated by a podiatrist?

The podiatrists at the Canberra foot and ankle clinic can treat patients with feet and lower leg issues. If there is a fracture or sprain in your legs you can book an appointment with them. Athletes have injuries and feet-related problems. They have to visit a doctor to get treatment so they can carry out their sports activities. Many people face nail disorders and interestingly a podiatrist will deal with them efficiently. In this condition, your nail will grow inside the toe. Sometimes fungus or bacteria can cause an infection in your nails. If you don’t get it treated at the right time, it creates a lot of problems. Diabetes is a condition in which your body doesn’t make the insulin which leads to a lot of problems in the body. Insulin is responsible for digesting sugar and can damage nerves that lead to feet and ankles. You need not worry as a doctor can deal with this problem.

What can you expect from a podiatrist?

If you are suffering from any problem that includes your feet, lower legs, and ankles it is important to consult a podiatrist. Your first visit to a podiatrist will be a lot like visiting a doctor. You need to tell them about medical conditions and history. It helps them come to a conclusion and give a treatment plan that can work successfully. If your medical condition is such that you need surgery they will perform it well. The first thing they analyse is how you walk or move, or if you have any pain in your feet. Patients with diabetes don’t get enough amount of blood in their legs. Lower back pain is also common among these people. The specialist will guide you well after analysing your problem.